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Reality beyond Reason by Barry Sprott

My personal story 

Life, Faith, Trust

This book tells the remarkable story of TELit, through which a new concept in evangelistic publication was to emerge in 1990... thematic evangelistic literature.


Yet this is not a story which applauds human ingenuity but one which seeks to honour the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the goodness of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.


It's a story that demonstrates how today the Lord is still in the business of producing – from next to nothing – something of eternal significance.


This book can be downloaded as a pdf from the 'us' section of the TELit@OPAL website.


I'm also on Facebook at  barry.sprott.9

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Hello, welcome to my blog site.

I hope you will find this inspiring, encouraging and challenging.

Reflections of a Jesus follower

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