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Unless you've just arrived from Mars you can't fail to have noticed how much swearing is routinely, and at times (possibly often) gratuitously, used on TV these days. For example, in times past the 'F' word would never have been tolerated in public broadcasting. And yet, terms that were once heard more often on the building site now seem to have found their way into the board room and, sad to say, even the tweets of our Prime Minister!


But please don't get me wrong, I'm no prude when it comes to what the media like to (erroneously) call 'strong' language. Having not become a Christian until my mid 20's and having worked almost as long with social services, such expletives don't really bother me too much. But what does concern me greatly, to the point of anger, is hearing the name of our Lord Jesus Christ 'taken in vain' by so many these days. If only they knew the One they're offending and the consequences they face..

'You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold

anyone guiltless who misuses his name.'

Exodus 20:7

Surely it's time for those of us who are Jesus followers, and hate to hear His name so abused, to rise up and shout from the rooftops... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


But why do you think that we hear the name 'Jesus Christ' used so often as a form of cursing? Let me suggest 2 reasons. Firstly, because it's the only name the 'god of this world', Satan, really hates and fears. Though he was well and truly defeated at Calvary he tries to prevent as many of us as possible becoming one of Christ's followers. Secondly, for far too long, Christians have done next to NOTHING in the public domain to resist his endeavours, and for this reason the media moguls have condoned the abuse of the Lord's name with complete disregard for the sensitivities of His followers. TV bosses know they can allow this with complete impunity as it's heard in just about every drama these days. Though I doubt they'd adopt the same attitude with regard to the heathen gods and false prophets of other religions.

Some time ago I wrote to Channel 4 after having heard the Lord's name used as an expletive by one of their presenters. I asked if they would have bleeped or re-recorded the piece had a name associated with another so-called deity been used in this way. But, surprise, surprise, they wouldn't give me a straight answer.


So, as we consider those who think nothing of using the Lord's name as an insult, let's share God's love and pray to see as many of them as possible bow their knee... because they WANT to... and before the day comes when they HAVE to...

' the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth..

and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord...'

Philippians 2:10

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Douglas Vance Holland
Douglas Vance Holland
Nov 10, 2021

It ceases to amaze me how Jesus' name can be used as a curse in the workplace or the name of God called upon amidst such a woke workplace environment of 'tolerance' and 'respect.' If I used the Islamic Prophet's name as a curse eg "Oh for Muhammed's sake!" you could guarantee that I'd be up before an HR team within 48 hours. Yet I've seen staffers and external trainers blaspheme quite openly in the workplace. You have to question the double standard.😒


Oct 15, 2021

Well said. Barry. Hurts my heart whenever I hear it and think" if they only knew who they were offending." Usually get a strange response when someone blasphemies and I ask, " cool, do you know Him too?"

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