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The Moving of a Mountain

In the Bible (Mark 11:23) the Lord Jesus Christ makes, what seems on the surface, to be an outrageous promise, that if we exercise genuine faith in God we'll be able to see mountains moved.

Now I know that there's folly in lifting individual verses out of context and that Jesus often spoke in parables or riddles. And therefore this must be borne in mind when trying to understand and apply some of His teaching.

Some time ago this particular statement got me wondering if I would ever see a mountain moved in my life. And then one day, that's just what happened.


For 25 years of my working life I ran the TELit Trust, through which I wrote and produced Christian outreach literature. And one of my approaches was to design publications in which the core message of the Christian gospel was set in the context of a range of towns, cities and wider geographical areas.

One of these areas happened to be Scotland's Clyde Valley, for which I borrowed several old style colour transparencies from the Scottish Tourist Board. For the front cover I chose a lovely shot of a scene well known in the area and, given the number of clients we had in that particular region, I arranged for a large quantity to be printed.

But to my horror it wasn't long before someone pointed out to me that the photo on the front cover had been printed the wrong way round! In taking the piece of film from its frame for scanning I hadn't realised that it had been returned to the frame by the previous user, back to front! How careless of me for not noticing! What a waste of the Lord's money! I felt absolutely dreadful!

Then, several weeks later, following much angst, as well as prayer that these wouldn't be totally wasted, I had a call from a man representing a church in the Clyde Valley who had learned of the problem. And to my absolute amazement, and profound gratitude, he said they would use them all, even insisting they paid the full price! What an example of the Lord's mercy (all used) and grace (at full price), proving that in casting my problem upon Him I could rely on Him completely... even to the extent of moving my 'mountain'!


Although this has been the true and unexaggerated story of how the Lord moved a mountain for me, what about you? You could also have some particular problem in your life which appears to be of mountain-sized proportions and for which there seems no solution? If so, do please remember how the Lord moved my 'mountain' and look to Him for His special help... He's still in the mountain-moving business... I've proved it!

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

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Muriel Mayo
Muriel Mayo
Sep 17, 2021

Very thought-provoking and challenging, Barry! Thankyou so much.

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I hope you will find this inspiring, encouraging and challenging.

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