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The Way to TRUE Freedom

Well, here we are again, time for another By-Election. The Scottish Electorate having our say in May! And of course the big hope of many is that this will result in a great groundswell of support for Independence. So much so that Boris and his Westminster mates will have little choice than to grant 'Jock public' another Referendum. But if we did get independence from the rest of the UK what would that mean?

Well for some, no doubt, there would be the feeling that at last we'd have control over all our own affairs. For others it would mean that long - awaited step towards freedom from the English dominated United Kingdom. But what would it REALLY mean?


Now, I might be totally wrong in this (as I often am) but the old cynic in me can't help feel that any new found freedom that would result from Independence could prove more symbolic than actual, more psychological than practical. And if Brexit is anything to go by then separation from the rest of the UK could also prove an administrative and organisational nightmare!

There is however another form of freedom, much closer to home for each one of us, more personal than political, yet widely ignored... because it seems more like slavery than liberty!


In the Bible, God says that in surrendering my life to Him through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, I will know the best and most profound form of freedom there is...

… freedom from guilt – my sins would be forgiven.

… freedom from aimlessness – my life given meaning and purpose.

… freedom from the fear of death – my future in heaven assured.


But in true 'Braveheart' tradition so many of us resist, declaring loud and clear with voice and lifestyle... 'I'll never give up my freedom. It's my life and I'll do what I like with it!' The sad fact is however, that so many of us are doing exactly what we DON'T like with it! Just ask the Social Services and the Samaritans!


No, the only way to find genuine and lasting freedom is through finding peace with God, through the Lord Jesus Christ... far beyond the scope of even the most powerful Scottish Parliament. And in this we have God's promise...

If the Son set's you free, you will be free indeed.

John 8:36

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