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What's so special about the Bible?

Words are never in short supply these days, but whose word can we trust… the extravagant claims of the advertising copywriter… the persuasive promises of the vote-catching politician?

Life is full of questions...

Where can I find lasting fulfilment?’ ‘Is this as good as it gets?'

'Why is there a real emptiness at the very centre of my life?

‘I’ve climbed the ladder of success but when I got to the top I

found nothing there!’

Yet in the midst of all the great challenges of life, and death, God has spoken… and in a way that is relevant, trustworthy and vitally important.

And you can be sure that God wants to speak to us today by His Spirit... and He does so through The Bible.

From the speeches of Abraham Lincoln to the lyrics of Paul Simon this one book has had a greater impact upon civilisation than any other. And through it the English language has become arguably the most prominent in the world.

It has outsold the Koran, William Shakespeare, Chairman Mao and yes, even JK Rowling! Yet it's been misquoted, misinterpreted and misunderstood more than any other. And this is because many of its critics have never even opened it!


It’s a book unlike all others... actually a collection of 66 books in the form of one volume. It’s the work of various writers spanning a period of 1,500 years, yet from start to finish its central message hangs together in a truly remarkable way.

But that’s because it’s not a work of imaginative fiction, nor is it a textbook written by academics. No, ordinary people like you and me, wrote the Bible... but under the direction of the Holy Spirit.


In other words, this is God communicating with humankind… truths that are as relevant and important today as when they were first set down in print.

So just think, if all this just happens to be true and God really does have something to say to us today, wouldn’t it be important for us to listen... with an open heart and mind?

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