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Nothing is as Sure as... Uncertainty

In 2022 the Ministry of Transport caused no end of hilarity in advertising for a 'Head of Uncertainty and Scenarios'.

Yes, I kid you not! But then, when you think about it, maybe this wasn't so ridiculous as it seems at first glance, especially as we're all surrounded by so much uncertainty every day. After all, we live in a...


Will there ever be a united Ireland? Will the UK ever have enough houses for everyone?

How will the war in Ukraine come to an end? Will the Loch Ness monster ever be found?

Will China invade Taiwan? And if so, would the USA really come to its aid?

But then we also live in a...


What will be the next ungodly policy to be promoted by the Scottish Administration?

Will we ever see the day when we can truly trust the promises of a politician?

Why does much of our society seem to have lost its 'moral compass'?

Of course, we'd also have to admit that we live a...


Why am I here? Is there any real purpose for my life? Why can't I find true contentment?

Does God actually exist? If so, why does He allow 'good' people to suffer?

Will doing my best in this life qualify me for heaven in the next... if there is one?

Yes, there's absolutely no doubt that we all live in an age of uncertainty... especially as we're surrounded by rampant secularism and unbelief.

But returning to the Ministry of Transport's advertisement, and assuming that the successful applicant would have had to prove his or her suitability for the job, then I'm very glad I didn't bother even applying. You see, I would have been totally ill-equipped for this post. Why? Well, because in the major issues of life and death I would have to admit to knowing very little uncertainty. OK, I may not know precisely what the future holds, but as an follower of Jesus I know that He holds the future! And not only my future but also the future of the world. Along with all other true followers of Christ Jesus I can say...

'Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.'

Hebrews 11:1

And put in more practical terms, as a Christian I am CERTAIN of the following...

In surrendering my future to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1974 He came to live in my life by His Spirit and has promised never to leave me nor forsake me.

He has 'sealed' me with His Spirit and therefore death holds no terrors for me.

He has forgiven all my sins, past, present and future and therefore my place in heaven is perfectly secure. I'm 'clothed' in His righteousness.

In times of temptation he has promised to provide a 'way of escape'.

He will never allow me to face anything in this life that I cannot handle with His help.

As I aim to please Him each day I know He will meet all my needs, and if He is for me, then who can be against me?

So you see, although there would probably be many other reasons why I'd be totally unsuited to this Ministry of Transport post... uncertainty would not be one of them!

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